Ludi Mai always talked about adding a grand stairway to the house if it was ever rebuilt.  The construction of the new house started shortly after the close of school in May 2014, and it was scheduled to be finished in August 2015.  Bad weather in the Spring of 2015 added a few delays, and the house was not quite finished in time for the new school year in August 2015.  As you will see in the photos below, it was still a construction area, but the house and stairway were dedicated at a celebration on Saturday, August 29, 2015.
An hour before the dedication!
Even with the two week delay in the ceremony and a threat of rain Saturday morning, there was a very good attendance.
Jeannine Nieman, Doris Goode and Jade Foster (one of Ludi Mai's great granddaughters).
Building dedication video.
Photo tribute to  Ludi Mai's life.
The Ludi Mai Sensabaugh Goode Grand Stairway. 
They were still working on the entry tile, so this is the only view available.
One of Ludi Mai's great-granddaughters, Jade Foster.
Admiring the stairway!